December 13 – Something Tells Me It’s All Happening At The Zoo

Freshman Tour (Something Tells Me It’s All Happening At The Zoo)

Upon leaving Hannibal, we headed  into the St. Louis area, arriving at the Mercy Virtual Care Center in about 2 hours. Using the miracle of modern technology, they are able to provide ICU monitoring services, and home health care supervision through the internet. Sitting at a terminal, doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners are able to provide 24 hour observation and vital statistic tracking in remote locations across the Mercy network to assess patients’ status, and actively engage with the local care providers on treatment. Next stop was Boeing Aircraft Manufacturer. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of our own, but we did pose for a class picture in front of an F-15 Strike Fighter. The rest of the day was dedicated to health care and social service providers including Children’s Hospital BJC, Independence Center, and Paraquad. Dignity and respect for their clients was the common theme that came across in the presentations we heard from them with a plea to remember that it is really more cost-effective to keep people well than to manage the consequences of untreated maladies. The tour ended the day at the St. Louis Zoo where we were treated to a delightful dinner and a stroll through Zoo Lights to visit the sea lions and the penguins.