December 8 & 9 – There’s No Place Like Home

Freshman Tour (There’s no place like home)

I am home now, getting ready to head out again next week for the eastern half of the state. The last two days on the trail (Thursday & Friday), were much the same as the previous days except that now we are beginning to get to know each other. Traveling in close quarters for days at a time will do that for you. Thursday alone, we were on the bus together for 735 minutes, or 12.25 hours. So while we were introduced to universities, medical schools, chambers of commerce, a prison intake center, Missouri tourist attractions,a military base, and more, we also are forming a personal regard for the people we will be serving with, where they come from and gaining understanding about who we all are as people.

I think the biggest “take away” I have acquired so far is the appreciation for my home, Kansas City. This is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family, and I am so grateful to have found it.

I’m looking forward to sharing next week’s adventures.