December 1, 2016 – Mrs. Burnett Did NOT Go To Prison

Freshman Orientation (Mrs. Burnett did NOT go to prison)

I skipped the tour of the Old Missouri State Penitentiary this evening. It was a full day of learning, and I was ready to get out of my suit and start thinking about tomorrow. The highlight of the day was a mock session on the floor of the house where we practiced introducing bills, inquiring of a bill’s sponsor, amending a bill, appealing a decision of the Speaker, and voting bills up or down. But wait! There’s more! We learned about ethics – personal and legal – and their importance in guiding our work. In that vein, we also discussed the role of lobbyists and the rules regarding reporting requirements. There is a lot to absorb, and it is heartening to see the dedication of the staff of the Capitol Building. It is clear that they work very hard to make sure our State continues to work for citizens within the parameters that get set by the elected officials.

Back to the penitentiary – The last planned activity for the day was a tour of the old Missouri State Penitentiary. Since I had my “official” photo shoot during today’s activities, I was somewhat overdressed for the event. I have to say, it looks intriguing, though. If you would like a tour, please let me know and I will send you information. There are a number of different packages to choose from including a “Ghost Hunt,” and an “Overnight Paranormal” tour.